About Us

Bangchak Marketplace

is a convenient destination, where people connect with Bangchak's products and services online.
It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangchak Petroleum PCL and Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd.
with the unwavering commitment to:
  • Become a major commercial hub that provides a variety of products and a full range of services from Bangchak.
  • Assist customers when buying products, receiving services and doing business with us.
  • Create an opportunity to customers by offering them the broadest range of products and services and helping them compare products and services that match their needs with the easiest and fastest way.
  • Meet all lifestyle needs by being a special shopping venue.

As part of the Bangchak business, our products and services at the Bangchak Marketplace covers:

  • greens
    Bangchak Green S Revolution
  • inthanin
    Inthanin Coffee
  • green club
    Bangchak Member Club
  • SPAR
    Fresh & Easy Food Market
  • car care
    Bangchak Car Care
  • food
    Bangchak Food
  • lubricant
    Lube Bangchak
  • business
    Bangchak B2B
Bangchak is committed to doing its business with strict adherence to implementing corporate social
responsibility (CSR). This corporate promise is in accordance with its philosophical mission,
as follows: Operate sustainable business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. At Bangchak it is generally believed that doing its business with transparency and good governance, delivering products and services of high quality and fairness as well as generating incomes and revenues to ensure the future
of local communities pave the way for sustainable development.